A Catholic summer youth camp with over 20 academic tracks for a wide range of interests! Immerse yourself in the Catholic intellectual tradition.

阶段1: 2024年6月16日至21日

阶段2: 2024年7月7日至12日

BCYC浸 is a Catholic summer academic camp for high school students hosted by Benedictine College, combining a pre-college program 和 a Catholic youth camp. Each participant chooses an area of interest which they pursue in classes throughout the week. The week also features numerous 信仰-based activities, including daily Mass 和 Bible Studies 和 is rounded out with tons of fun—dodgeball, 晚上的舞会/社交, scavenger hunts 和 ultimate Frisbee, all while students explore our beautiful campus in Atchison, 堪萨斯.

A Benedictine College experience of 社区, 信仰奖学金!

Two BCYC浸 chemistry track students in lab coats analyzing test tube

Pursue Your Passion with Fellow 学生s.

Two BCYC浸 engineering track students wiring a project

BCYC浸 art track student  with charcoal still-life


Grow 关闭r to Christ with 祈祷 和 the Sacraments.

BCYC men's bible study circle outside

BCYC participants listen to a presentation in Guadalupe Chapel

BCYC  participants playing pass-the-water game

Together, Have the Time of Your Lives!

BCYC participants playing a ball game

BCYC close up of two students in a game with inflatable bubble-soccer ball

“My favorite part about BCYC was adoration 和 the bonfire! I was thinking through things with the Lord, 他用好几种方式跟我说话, 包括通过其他人. I also thought the barn dance was a blast!” - 2023参与者


登记 for BCYC浸 会话1 (6月16日) is closed. 登记 for 会话2 (7月7) is still open, so 现在注册!




We know that, as a parent, you are the primary educator 和 nurturer of your child. We want your teen’s life to be transformed in Christ. The parents of our participants notice many benefits of our conferences for their teens including:

  • Developing a sense of God in their daily life- Integrating prayer into their daily lives
  • 更积极的自我形象
  • Greater sense of direction 和 purpose
  • 对他们的信仰生活更感兴趣
  • Forming genuine friendships based on a common love of Christ

Your child will be under the care 和 guidance of our trained summer staff. This includes our Director of 青少年外展, 牧师, 和 a team of Benedictine College students who spend their summer on mission for our Lord. We want you to know that your child is in the best possible h和s, 和 we know it is our duty 和 privilege to guide your teen as an individual this summer.


Benedictine College’s campus is very safe. We are familiar with hosting teens on our campus through our many 信仰 和 sport-based conferences, 和 strive to make our campus a welcoming, safe 社区 for all of our visitors. Every aspect of the campus in the summers is thought of with the visitor in mind specifically:

  • 我们的宿舍是男女宿舍. Men aren’t allowed in the women’s dorms 和 vice versa during the summer months. No one other than our Conferencing 工作人员, 夏天的传教士, 和 other authorized members of the college will be in the dorms during your teen’s stay.
  • 夏天的传教士 stay in the residence Halls 和 serving as resident advisors.
  • All of our Summer Ministry 工作人员 are Virtus trained 和 are up to date with the Archdiocese of 堪萨斯 City 堪萨斯’ regulations on Safe Environment training for the protection of God’s children program.
  • 校园安全, Atchison Police, 和 the Atchison Fire Department all serve the campus 社区.