Bachelor of Science, Department of Sociology and Criminology

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Program Mission

The mission of the Criminology Program is to provide students, within a community of faith and scholarship, with the theoretical and practical tools necessary to engage in and investigate the social world, to develop a working knowledge of criminological concepts, and to evaluate programs and resolve social problems by applying a criminological perspective.

Degree Objectives

  • Help students acquire an in-depth comprehension of the social order through study of major concepts and theories found within the discipline
  • Develop knowledge of scientific sociology through practical experience in theory construction, methodology and field study
  • Prepare students for graduate and professional schools with a view toward research, teaching, and public service
  • Prepare students for careers in applied social science, social administration, and public social services


Dr. Kevin M. Bryant
Department Chair
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Other Department Offerings

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology
  • Minors in Sociology & Criminology